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Switch Eyewear

Summer is coming soon (we hope)! While you were shoveling snow, Classic Eyewear was hard at-work to find an answer to the perennially vexing problem of lugging around multiple pairs of glasses this summer.

The solution is SWITCH, the world’s first Magnetic Interchange Lens System™. When conditions change, Switch lets you instantly swap in the lens you need. That bright sunny day turns cloudy on the golf course – no problem! Just switch out the sunglass lenses for clear. Bike in the morning with a single vision sunglass and in the afternoon switch instantly to a progressive sunglass to read that novel on the beach.

Fishermen love the convenience of leaving Switch on the boat. When conditions change quickly, Switch is right there.

With a smaller footprint than carrying 2 pairs of glasses, no more straining purses or stretching pockets. In and out of shops, restaurants and museums – no problem with SWITCH!

Switch Magnetic Interchange Lens System™ has been engineered to stay in the frame when dropped a height of six feet or subjected to the intense, repeated jarring of skiing, snowboarding, running or mountain biking.

See the entire collection at Classic Eyewear!

Coastal Jersey Eye now offers the Switch line of eyeglasses that let you instantly swap to the lens you need. Don’t carry multiple pairs of glasses when you can Switch to the ones you need. Find out more by visiting the Classic Eyewear Optical Shop.