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Are You Seeing Red?

Bloodshot eyes: they’re unpleasant to look at and even more irksome to suffer through.

What causes this sudden change in color – and the occasional itchy or watery sensation – are actually the tiny blood vessels under the eye’s surface, which get dilated or inflamed by external irritation.

While not harmful, bloodshot eyes are an irritating experience for many. Luckily, most home or over-the-counter treatments work well at treating the irritation. But what about those cases where home or pharmacy remedies just won’t do? What happens if the redness or discomfort outlasts the home treatment?

That’s where the advice of a dedicated eye care professional can help. Only a proper licensed eye doctor can provide medical diagnosis and prescription medication to combat a more severe case of red eyes.

To find out if you need to seek out the help of an Ophthalmologist, consider these points:

  • You have bloodshot eyes and are seeping with encrusted mucous. (In this case, an infection may be present.)
  • You are experiencing pain or tenderness in or around the eyes.
  • You have developed an unusual sensitivity to light.
  • You have a fever or overall sickness.
  • You or your loved ones have been exposed to pink eye (conjunctivitis.)

Next time you have bloodshot eyes, take a moment to consider whether the symptoms are more severe than usual. While many physicians can diagnose eye infections, only your Ophthalmologist has the capability for a more detailed evaluation.

January 2, 2018