Why Regular Eye Exams Are So Important

Eye exams are more about vision – they’re also about your health.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends eye exams at least once a year. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist may recommend more frequent exams.

For adults and children, eye exams are an important part of maintaining good health. Having your eyes checked regularly ensures your best possible vision. Eye health exams also check for signs of eye disease or conditions that affect more than your vision but your overall health.

A comprehensive eye exam is performed by an eye doctor who scans for eye and vision health. Such an exam assesses underlying causes for vision problems and possible diseases that can threaten your sight and overall health, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tumors, cancer, autoimmune disorders and thyroid disorders.

If your child is experiencing developmental delays or trouble in school there could be an underlying vision problem. Proper learning, motor development and other skills are dependent upon good vision. Often children don’t know that the vision they are experiencing is abnormal so they aren’t able to express that they need help. Many conditions are easier to treat when they are caught early on while eyes are still developing.

And just like our bodies, our eyes weaken as we age. There are many age-related eye conditions like presbyopia, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration that affect your vision and your daily life. While some of these conditions are more of an inconvenience, others could lead to vision loss and dependency.

In addition to regular yearly eye exams, it is important to be aware of any changes in your eye health and vision. Also know your potential risk factors as well as your family ocular and medical history. Over half of the vision loss worldwide is preventable with proper treatment and care.

Dr. Stephen H. Uretsky is a board-certified ophthalmologist with 35 years of practice experience who specializes in comprehensive eye care. Coastal Jersey Eye Center features an optical center, Classic Eyewear, which provides eyeglass frames and lenses to suit every style and budget. For more information on eye exams or to schedule an appointment, please call the Linwood office at 609.927.3373 or 609.465.7926 for the Cape May Court House office. Visit online at www.CoastalJerseyEye.com.

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